IMG_20160827_153307I recently found myself working on a an art journal page and had come across a recommendation for using a neutral pitt pencil to draw over acrylic ink. Living in NZ its an expensive exercise trying to buy all the brands recommended and time consuming sourcing them. So because I wanted to get my image finished in a hurry I paid a visit to my local dollar store and picked up several pens I thought I would try and was pleasantly surprised when they gave the same effect as the expensive pitt pencils and they cost me a fraction of the price.

The pen I ended up using to draw on the acrylic ink is a this and that pen in white with a medium gel tip. It doesn’t appear that this is a well known brand but that doesn’t matter because it worked for what I was working on. So dont ever feel that you need to use expensive brands because others are. Some pens will work better than others but with some experimentation cost need not be a barrier to your art. Read More →

So you want to start a bullet journal and your googling and pinning flat out any idea you come across in your bid to learn the best journaling tips.

If you like I was when I started all the ideas out there will leave you feeling overwhelmed well im here to tell you that its not scary at all. I know the idea of that blank page staring at you must be daunting but im going to give you some tips that I have learnt and demystify the process for you. Read More →

25432f7bcc062e6e280d9c9dfd65b23f 1. The Style I like most when decorating my home is
Country Rustic

2. What room in your house are you dying to do a makeover for?
My Bathroom

3. Are you a beige person or a color person
When it comes to decorating im definately beige.

4. Does your kitchen? if so what is it?
My kitchen is 90’s style, however in the future I hope to change it to a country style

5. How many picture frames do you have in your living room and who is displayed in them?
I have 5 photo frames in my living room and my cousin who died recently is in one. Two of them are my children. One of them is my grandfather and the other one is of my husband and I on our wedding day.


img-thing1After a disappointing week where I didn’t get a retail position I applied for I have lined up a job interview  for tomorrow in a administration position in a office.  After working in retail as a duty manager for 6 years this is a huge change for me and im really nervous.  Wish me well!!  Will keep you updated.


415a00413c6fb9c8a8d754af26499adb Its a new year and a new blog and time for a fresh start. So if you have read my blog in the past Welcome back and if your new to my blog Welcome aboard. Feel free to leave me a comment anytime. I look forward to hearing from you.