Thinking back over your life, What is something that you have seen that you cannot forget?

1d5474f3c449d83dc37ea18229ef4fc6At 7am that spring morning the air was a little chilly but the day looked promising that was until the fire siren screamed loud and clear and all firefighters rushed to the station to go to the latest emergency. Given that the fire alarm often sounded I didn’t give it much thought as I prepared myself for school. Read More →

25432f7bcc062e6e280d9c9dfd65b23f 1. The Style I like most when decorating my home is
Country Rustic

2. What room in your house are you dying to do a makeover for?
My Bathroom

3. Are you a beige person or a color person
When it comes to decorating im definately beige.

4. Does your kitchen? if so what is it?
My kitchen is 90’s style, however in the future I hope to change it to a country style

5. How many picture frames do you have in your living room and who is displayed in them?
I have 5 photo frames in my living room and my cousin who died recently is in one. Two of them are my children. One of them is my grandfather and the other one is of my husband and I on our wedding day.