200x200logoWhat are five odd or quirky things about yourself you don’t usually share? An achievement you don’t get to boast about? A favorite something that most people find foul? Get creative and don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself (a lil bit) – you would be surprised how many others are just as into that oddball stuff you are into ūüėČ

Theres not much to tell really, im not weird or all that different and my life just isn’t that exciting but lets see what I can come up with.

1/ I was born without a tear duct in my left eye which means it weeps alot and I often get questioned why im crying when in fact im not crying at all. The drs were reluctant to operate when I was a child because of the risk of losing my eyesite so they left it up to me to decide when I became an adult whether I wanted it fixed and I think with todays technology it possably could be fixed but I have lived with it this long I have no interest in getting it fixed. Read More →

il_340x270.728901907_12n0The Photo Challenge prompt is a single word to inspire you.¬† Similar to “Wordless Wednesday” (a weekly prompt used by many bloggers where the central focus is an image or photo), only post a photo that embodies the suggested word.¬† If you choose to post via Instagram, please use the hastag #bloggerhood to connect to back, otherwise please leave the link to your post in the comments for we can all visit.

This week’s inspiration is:

 photo comforter.gif_zpshjjpujqq.jpeg Comfort to me is my bed. Its a place I go to when I need to sleep but also when I want to be alone, to think, to rest my back, to read, to watch tv and to spend time with my husband.



img-thing1After a disappointing week where I didn’t get a retail position I applied for I have lined up a job interview¬† for¬†tomorrow in a¬†administration position in a office. ¬†After working in retail as a duty manager for 6 years this is a huge change for me and im really nervous. ¬†Wish me well!! ¬†Will keep you updated.


415a00413c6fb9c8a8d754af26499adb Its a new year and a new blog and time for a fresh start. So if you have read my blog in the past Welcome back and if your new to my blog Welcome aboard. Feel free to leave me a comment anytime. I look forward to hearing from you.