200x200logoWhat are five odd or quirky things about yourself you don’t usually share? An achievement you don’t get to boast about? A favorite something that most people find foul? Get creative and don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself (a lil bit) – you would be surprised how many others are just as into that oddball stuff you are into 😉

Theres not much to tell really, im not weird or all that different and my life just isn’t that exciting but lets see what I can come up with.

1/ I was born without a tear duct in my left eye which means it weeps alot and I often get questioned why im crying when in fact im not crying at all. The drs were reluctant to operate when I was a child because of the risk of losing my eyesite so they left it up to me to decide when I became an adult whether I wanted it fixed and I think with todays technology it possably could be fixed but I have lived with it this long I have no interest in getting it fixed.

2/ I am the youngest child in a family of 12 kids. I have 2 biological brothers and 1 biological sister after both my parents remarried and I ended up with 5 step brothers and 3 step sisters.

3/ I have not had any formal web and graphic design training, I am completely self taught

4/ I collect Tatty Bears

5/ I plan to go to polytech and study business and interior design in the next 2 years


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