Thinking back over your life, What is something that you have seen that you cannot forget?

1d5474f3c449d83dc37ea18229ef4fc6At 7am that spring morning the air was a little chilly but the day looked promising that was until the fire siren screamed loud and clear and all firefighters rushed to the station to go to the latest emergency. Given that the fire alarm often sounded I didn’t give it much thought as I prepared myself for school. At 8:30am I left home and started walking to school enjoying the sun on my arms, as I walked I passed by the local store and as I glanced up the hill from the store I stopped in my tracks as I noticed several fire trucks outside what was once the home of a family I knew and all that was left standing was a few charred beams from the structure of the house. Slightly shaken I continued on my way to school. Once I got to school I went to hang my bag up and headed out the side door of the building to go to the playground when I glanced over where the house had once been. I stood transfixed wondering what had occurred that this house should now be in ashes never realizing I was witnessing tragedy on a large scale but that wasn’t to become clear till school started that morning. After the bell rang we all lined up for class waiting for the day to begin when we were told to meet in another class for an unexpected assembly that would be held that morning.

e614de070668b571b168cf3b2c8f3830It was then the students had been told about the terrible house-fire that had happened so near the school early that morning. The story went that the mother had gone to have a shower before getting her 3 children ready for the day ahead when something caused a fire to break out. Becoming scared the 2 older children crawled under their beds to hide and the baby was still in her crib. When the mother emerged from the shower the house was fully engulfed in flames. Getting herself out she thought her children were outside and panicking started looking for them very quickly realizing they were still in the house. Running back into the house not worrying about her own safety she managed to grab the baby but could not find her 2 older children. By this time the fire brigade had arrived and the mum was dragged screaming from the house but not before she had sustained serious burns to her body. The firemen looked for the children but unfortunately they were not found till the fire was out. under what was left of their beds, passed on.

The sadness and the senselessness of the loss of the two children has stuck with since that day and that was 30 years ago but I look back on it like it was yesterday.



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