So you want to start a bullet journal and your googling and pinning flat out any idea you come across in your bid to learn the best journaling tips.

If you like I was when I started all the ideas out there will leave you feeling overwhelmed well im here to tell you that its not scary at all. I know the idea of that blank page staring at you must be daunting but im going to give you some tips that I have learnt and demystify the process for you.

So the first thing you will need is a journal and I can see you nodding your head but what journal right? Well if your on a budget a mathmatics exercise book for 40c from the local stationary store is a good start but if you want something a little bit more sophisticated you could chose a visual diary, a moleskine diary, or a leuchtturm diary. OK stop your confused! let me clarify for you ………

A Visual Diary is a book with completely blank pages with no lines (see image below)


A leuchtturm and moleskine book is a lined or dotted diary


ok so whats next you have your journal but your staring at a blank page trying to decide what to journal about and your also concerned if you draw on that crisp blank page you will make a mistake and ruin that page. Well this is where some practise is imperative before you start drawing and writing in that book.

The best tip I can give you to do this is go to Printed Paper and download some dotted paper and print it off. The smaller the gaps on the paper is better for your practise.

Now that you have printed some paper you will want to practise drawing some fonts or images and the best way to do this is to check out some bullet journal printables on pinterest and get started. Some of my favourite sites for printables are

Twenty Something Meltdown

Boho Berry

So there you have it, once you think you are confident with your practise sheets you are ready to start your journal.  If you want more tips for journaling from the start follow my upcoming posts.


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